Skill Exchange is now on hiatus. Between 2011-2014, Skill Exchange hosted over 50 low-cost and/or free public workshops in San Francisco.

Skill Exchange is a workshop series which aims to inspire the community to use their hands and learn traditional, hand making and self-reliance skills in a fun, social setting. Our workshops and events are for curious skill-seekers of all ages. 

We create opportunities to ask questions, think with our hands and deepen our understanding of how things are made.  As handcrafting skills are too often undervalued and under practiced– Skill Exchange seeks to encourage self-reliance through social skill exchange by bringing together enthusiastic makers and teachers to share their passion and craft with our communities. Skill Exchange has offered over 40 workshops and classes on topics ranging from cheese making, knife sharpening, print making, butchery, chicken keeping, upholstery, bike maintenance, photography, cocktails and many other skills.  

We have had the pleasure to work with local organizations like Makeshift Society, StorefrontLab and California Academy of Sciences. Our lineup includes workshops taught by passionate artisans, craftsmen and entrepreneurs from Almanac Beer, Sightglass Coffee, Public Bikes, Edible SF, INNA Jam and many others. In 2012, Skill Exchange received a StoreFrontLab Micro Mission 888 grant to host a 3-day workshop series with 14 skill workshops. This event was made possible with generous support from Hello Lucky, Ritual Coffee and Storefrontlab.

To see a list of some of our past events, please view here.

Design role: Creative direction, strategy, visual design, project management