All packaging for our product line (available at is designed in-house and printed in California. This page explores all of our packaging work. If you'd like to see other types of packaging and print projects, please see additional samples here.

The packaging of our products is a very important part of the brand experience for us, because we want our packaging to reflect the careful detail and quality of all our products. All of the packaging we develop (from the paper tape to the cardboard boxes and down to every sticker) is produced in California. We work closely with each printer and manufacturer to ensure consistency. Because we are a small company, we want all our packaging to be practical and flexible, which is why we've designed a packaging system that is interchangeable and works across the whole line of products. We're also pretty careful about wastefulness, so we make sure all of our packaging is recyclable. 

Our first collection had two-color letterpress labels and hand screen printed boxes. We worked with The Aesthetic Union to produce packaging that felt as handcrafted and authentic as the products themselves. Ultimately, while we loved (really loved) our handmade packaging, it wasn't scalable for the amount of inventory and number of products we soon started to produce. 

A little over a year after our launch, we redesigned all of our packaging and logo to reflect our full product line. We developed a flexible label and packaging system that would allow us to grow, and use our materials efficiently while still maintaining a high level of meticulousness for every package shipped out of our studio.

We worked with three California-based companies for our new packaging. The packaging consists of custom designed heavy duty custom cardboard boxes, illustrative printed Natural Flexgrip (reinforced paper tape) and brightly colored digitally printed postcards for each product. Under Consideration shared a post on our packaging design process here. To see some of those lovely letterpress labels from our first collection, check here.

Design role: Art direction, visual design